Initially, when you had 1-2 properties, it was easier to manage your toilets, tenants, and trash. However, as you add more and more properties, it became much more of a full-time job. Sometimes you get great tenants that have no problems, and you know that other times you get tenants that are the opposite. This can get very frustrating for you as a landlord.

1031 Exchange Strategy

Most people don’t understand that doing a 1031 exchange can help you. If you are ready to stop being a landlord and just collect checks, you can exchange your 1031 into a Delaware Statutory Trust (DST).

A Delaware Statutory Trust is a commercial property that is securitized and qualifies for a 1031 Exchange. With a DST, you are no longer responsible for managing the properties; you are letting another company manage them while you can still earn money from the properties.

Toilets, Tenants, and Trash are used as an example that most property managers understand. There is a way to get out of the 3 T’s and defer your taxes to later on.

Learn Most About the 1031 Exchange and DSTs

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