As A Realtor, How Will This Understanding Help Me, Help My Clients?

For a realtor who wants to sell a property when an exchange is happening, they also want to sell the other property too. They may feel like a DST is taking away their sales, but it is really not.

A DST is not for clients that are looking to buy a second property and still be a landlord.

Biggest Benefit on The Commercial Side of Things

Imagine you have a client looking for a 2-million-dollar building, and they are trying to do a tax-free exchange, but you can only find them a 1.5-million-dollar building. They may love the 1.5-million-dollar building that you’ve found them, but they will have a $500,000 tax if they buy that building. So, they are going to tell you to go back and try to find something more around the 2-million-dollar range.

However, if you have an understanding of DSTs, you can explain to them that they can put that $500,000 into a DST and it becomes a fully tax-deferred exchange.

Biggest Benefit on The Residential Side of Things

People that have multiple houses and are just waiting for them to pass on, so they can get the step-up in cost for the beneficiaries may not even know that they can sell and get into a DST, which will allow them to stop being a landlord and just spend their time with their family.

The biggest thing about residential DSTs is that it may open you up to 60-100 houses that were not going to be on the market for years!

Need More Help Understanding the 1032 Exchange and DSTs?

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